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Lund Programming Clinic: Improve Station Awareness


There’s a factor in all ratings, even PPM metered markets, which goes beyond actual listening. The stations that are better branded and own a market image produce better numbers. The truth is that brand awareness brings about business...


Lund Media Research: Provides More Viewers & More Listeners


Lund television clients benefit from a team of experts at Lund Media Research, a full service research division of The Lund Consultants.


Lund Management Memo: Going High-Touch


While many search for ways to play the ratings game to gain higher shares, there’s one unassailable fact: great talents draw regular listeners and higher ratings...


Lund Trend Watch: Attention Spans & Valentine’s Day Spending


We’ve written many times about listeners’ attention spans, and we've got new research on how fast stories have to capture attention...


Valentine’s Day spending is looking rosy, according to the National Retail Federation...


Know Your Market


As promoted in this week's Lund Letter, here is our Know Your Market checklist...

State Broadcast Associations & Corporate Planners

Attention State Broadcast Associations and Corporate Broadcast Planners


It’s about time someone has some good news about radio...


Who We Are And What We Do

Meet the Lund Consultants


The Lund Consultants to Broadcast Management, Inc., is the premier radio and programming consulting firm in America. The firm is a multi-format custom radio programming and management consultancy with a successful track record in all mainstream formats.


In addition, the Lund team also provides television broadcasters with experts in news programming consulting, entertainment programming to achieve higher ratings, audience research and focus groups, hiring and training.


The Lund Goal: Help stations attract more listeners and viewers and keep them longer for improved ratings and revenue. Our specialty is assisting stations have Compelling Content.


Call John Lund at (650) 692-7777, or email him at


Lund Clients

Current Music

This week's top hits customized for Lund clients; notice of updated music is emailed Monday morning.

Recurrent Music

Fresh Recurrents updated by The Lund Consultants appear in this clients-only section.

Gold Music

Researched Gold music is customized for Lund client stations.

Promotions & Show Prep

The Lund Fall Promotions Guide is here!

Contests & Sales Promotions

Fresh contests and sales promotions for the season and months ahead.

Lund Strategic Planner

Establish goals, actions and procedures to create strategic goals and tactics for execution.

Morning Show Guide

The Lund Morning Show Guide is newly updated!

Management Alert

Available for Lund clients, the State of the Station and New Media Strategies & Digital Sales Initiatives!

Lund's Top 10

Know Your Market


Take the Lund “Talent Relatability” Quiz: You’re on the air and no one is more community-focused than you. Your listeners think you’ve lived in the market all your life. Thus, you are totally aware of your hometown and sound like it on the air. The following questions are a snap, right? Also, any PD who cannot answer these questions has been in the office too long!


Programming & Marketing Tactics

Radio Resource Center


How do radio professionals improve their skills or programming? Where can a broadcaster find info about how to execute a better morning show, find new sales promotions to make more revenue, enhance News-Talk shows, or get higher ratings? The Lund Consultants have helped improve stations, shows, and networks for over twenty years and we've written hundreds of guides and how-to stylebooks for radio. Now you can prepare for a local disaster, stage a better sales remote, or market your station without a huge investment. Hundreds of media pros depend on Lund guides. We have a huge knowledge base and have written a programming or marketing guide for every situation.


Lund Clients receive complete access to Lund tools and guides with promotions, talent critiques, weekly music updates, contests, marketing strategies, liners, show prep, sales and programming systems.


Not a Lund consulted station? You can purchase a guide here; this is the Lund Consultants' Radio Resource Center. Review some of our most popular guides here.


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